This was a documentary series originally broadcast on BBC Radio Four in late 1985 [1]. Presented by Peel over seven episodes, it features music, radio and interview clips to tell the story of teenagers in Britain from the aftermath of the Second World War to 1985. Peel appears only to give a short introduction at the start of each programme and then to read the credits at the end. The series was repeated on BBC Radio One in November 1986 [2] and again in October 1987 [3]. The episodes have been subsequently repeated on the BBC's digital channel 6Music [4].

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Ain't Misbehavin'

“A look at austerity, fashion, Elvis Presley, rock ‘n’ roll and attitudes towards sex.”

Puttin' On The Style

“Looking at skiffle, trad jazz, beatniks, beehives, coffee bars, Aldermaston and the twist.”

I'm Into Something Good

“The era of Merseybeat, Mods & Rockers and ‘Swinging London’.”

Hello, I Love You

“Flower power, student protest and the road to Katmandu.”

In A Broken Dream

“The era of long hair, skinheads and tartan-trousered teenyboppers.”

Pretty Vacant

“The rise and fall of punk, the John Travolta disco boom and riots in the cities.”

Best Years Of Our Lives

“New Romantics, glue sniffers, casuals and psychobillies.”