X-mal Deutschland
Xmal Deutschland
, often written as X-Mal Deutschland, was an alternative goth band from Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 1980 with a completely female line-up, they became successful in their field outside their native country, especially in the UK, where they were part of the Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave) music scene. The group wrote and sang in the German language and had different line ups over the period. The group finally split in 1990.

Links To Peel

Peel played many acts of the German New Wave in the early 80's and Xmal Deutschland were part of the scene. The group performed four sessions for John Peel's show.

Festive Fifty Entries


Xmal Deutschland - Peel Session 1982-016:56

Xmal Deutschland - Peel Session 1982-0

1. Recorded: 1982-11-17. Broadcast: 25 November 1982. Repeated: 21 December 1982, 14 February 1982.

  • Incubus Succubus / Geheimnis / Qual / Zinker

2. Recorded: 1983-06-22. Broadcast: 27 June 1983. Repeated: 21 July 1983, 21 December 1983.

  • In Motion / Vito / Reigen / Sehnsucht

3. Recorded: 1984-04-11. Broadcast: 25 April 1984. Repeated: 17 May 1984

  • Nachtschatten / Tah Fuer Tag / Mondlicht / Augen-Blick

4. Recorded: 1985-04-30. Broadcast: 13 May 1985. Repeated: 05 June 1985

  • Polarlicht / Der Wind / Jahr Um Jahr / Autumn

Other Shows Played

X mal Deutschland Incubus Succubus II04:51

X mal Deutschland Incubus Succubus II

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  • 30 May 1992: Incubus Succubus II (compilation album -Gothic Rock - The Companion Album To The Book By Rick Mercer) Jungle
  • 07 June 1992 (BFBS): Incubus Sucubus II (Comp. CD - Gothic Rock) (Jungle Records)


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