Where It's At was a six-part documentary series recorded by Peel for BBC Radio 3 and broadcast weekly on Fridays, 7-7.30pm, from 23 April 1976. Ken Garner (The Peel Sessions, p. 216) describes the programmes as about "the present and possible future of music" and gives the following lineup of shows:

  1. How Did It Get Here? beginnings
  2. Rock Art and Rock Folly (Dylan, Beatles, ELP, Mike Oldfield)
  3. The Supreme Sacrifice (Blues & Gospel)
  4. From Highlife to Dub and Skank
  5. Is There Rock On The Moon? (Rock spreads around the world)
  6. Gives Me Great Pleasure (Tax exiles and the music Peel currently likes)

In an article in the Listener (1976-04-22, reprinted Olivetti Chronicles, hardback, p.70), Peel himself regrets the title of the series and says that "the listener may well expect to learn which are the current trends and in what directions we may find ourselves moving in the future," but admits "I can still, despite many hours of contemplation, see no trends or direction with which I can reasonably satisfy the questor after truth." [1]

A short fragment was rebroadcast as part of the John Peel Around The World tribute programme (see linked page for track listing details). Two complete programmes in excellent quality have since been made available, with many thanks to the original taper. All tracks are short extracts and serve only to illustrate Peel's analysis.

The series was repeated almost exactly one year later from 15 April 1977.

Programme 3: The Supreme Sacrifice

Peel traces the development of black music from the blues of the 1930s to the disco music then current.

  • 00:28:42

Programme 4: From Highlife To Dub And Skank

Peel examines the development of reggae and its influence on rock music.

  • 00:28:23
  1. It could be argued that Peel was not alone in failing to foresee the imminent arrival of the UK punk revolution.

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