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  • This is a list of the Wedding Present's Festive Fifty entries. Their prodigious tally of 45 entries with 43 different song titles is exceeded only by the Fall. Their most successful year was 1992, with seven entries, including one in the top 5. (This was undoubtedly due to their policy that year of releasing a single each month. Note that all of these were reissued in the same year on Hit Parade Volumes 1 & 2 (BMG).)

Chronological List Of Entries

The WEDDING PRESENT - 'My Favourite Dress' - 7" 198704:16

The WEDDING PRESENT - 'My Favourite Dress' - 7" 1987

My Favourite Dress

Kennedy - The Wedding Present (Audio Only)04:26

Kennedy - The Wedding Present (Audio Only)


Post Peel

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