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Trencher are a British experimental death metal / grindcore band formed in London during 2001 by members Pox "Helme" (Bass, Vocals), Lock-Monger "the Slab" (Drums) and Mr. M.Shit / "Twinz of Evil" (Keyboards, Vocals). The band released several albums and singles and it is not known whether they still together with their last release in 2011 coincidentally called All Suffering...Soon To End.

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Peel first played the band's material on his 07 January 2004 show, where he played two tracks from the group, one from the compilation album Robots And Electronic Brains - Bush, 1945 and the other, the LP "When Dracula Thinks 'Look At Me'", sourced from the CD issued with Terrorizer magazine. Later on in the year, the band recorded a session for his show, becoming the last group to have a session broadcast during Peel's lifetime when it was repeated on 14 October 2004.


Trencher - Peel Sessions09:42

Trencher - Peel Sessions

The session is available officially as one side of a split 10" with Esquilax.

1. Recorded: 2004-04-28. Broadcast: 25 May 2004. Repeated: 14 October 2004

  • Attack Of The Sex Attackers / Delusions/Blondes Of Meth / Row Upon Row Of Leper Skulls/Deja Poo / I Lost All My Hair In A Skiing Accident/Trapp

Other Shows Played

Trencher - Erotica Of Flies01:04

Trencher - Erotica Of Flies


  • 07 January 2004: Erotica of Flies (Comp. LP - Robots And Electronic Brains - Bush, 1945) Rokit
  • 07 January 2004: unknown (LP - When Dracula Thinks "Look At Me") Victory Garden
  • 18 February 2004: 'Illuminated Dead (LP - When Dracula Thinks "Look At Me")' (White Label)
  • 26 February 2004: Gastronomy (Album: When Dracula Thinks "Look At Me") Trencher
  • 11 March 2004: Wounds Cordon Bleu (LP - When Dracula Thinks 'Look At Me') Trench
  • 07 April 2004: 'Will To Shit (LP- When Dracula Thinks 'Look At Me)' (Trencher)
  • 13 April 2004: 'Leeches (LP-When Dracula Thinks Look At Me)' (Victory Garden, among others)
  • 27 April 2004: Illuminated Dead (Split 5") Action Index / Superfi
  • 15 June 2004: Erotica of Flies (LP – When Dracula Thinks 'Look At Me') Trencher
  • 16 December 2004: 5 numbers from the CD Lips....................................

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