"Think my chances of making the Liverpool side are gone now. Might still be able to get a game at one of those London clubs though"

John Peel, 29 August 1989

This set was recorded as part of a special show at The Subterrania in London to celebrate John Peel's 50th Birthday. This was broadcast the following night, the actual date of Peel's birthday, 30 August 1989. Other bands that night included The House of Love and The Wedding Present.

Originally The Undertones were going to reunite for this event (including Feargal Sharkey), but because of the death of the father of one of them, they couldn't play.

To my knowledge, this was my (Entrailicus) first ever Peel tape (tape I made of a Peel show). I vividly recall Peel finally deciding to give up chasing his lifelong ambition to play for Liverpool, although, had he known how bad they were going to get a couple of years later, he might have regretted saying that back in '89.


  • Mere Pseud Mag Ed
  • I'm Frank
  • Arms Control Poseur
  • Fiery Jack
  • Race with the Devil
  • Carry Bag Man
  • Mr.Pharmacist

The probable lineup was Mark E. Smith - vocals, Martin Bramah - guitar, Craig Scanlon - guitar, Steve Hanley - bass, Simon Wolstencroft - drums, and Marcia Schofield - keyboards.


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