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Night Ride

Night Ride was the name given in 1967 by the BBC to the show which went out nightly, between 12 midnight and closedown at 2 a.m. It was an easy listening, "light music" show designed for night shift workers and insomniacs. In March 1968 a radically different Night Ride appeared on Wednesday nights, with the first hour presented by John Peel ... (read more)

Final Perfumed Garden Revisited

"I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had a list cut out of a magazine of all of the records that I'd played on the very final night of the Perfumed Garden programme that I used to do on the pirate ship Radio London back in 1967. And I said that over a period of time, I'd work my way through the tracks and play them to you ..." (read more)


"What we are doing here, pop pickers, is celebrating the tawdry, but with a certain admiration."

[[Video:John Peel recalls Top of the Pops (part one of four)|thumb|250px|left|TV Hell: Rock Bottom part 1]]


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