• Teddy Warrick was the assistant head and executive producer at Radio 1 for the formative period of John Peel's career. Sheila relates that the catering and venue for their wedding was organised by Warrick and his wife Peggy: "(they) spent a lot of time at our home over the years, and the children always thought of them as an extra pair of grandparents". [1]
  • According to Peel, he fought to keep John's programme on the air, especially in the turbulent years of the 1970s, and Peel referred to him as 'a heroic figure to whom I owe a great deal' [2] John's adulation of him was so strong that he broke down on air when announcing his death (15 December 1999) at the beginning of his 16 December 1999 show: he says that 'he was like a second Dad to me'. JP regretted that he had not been able to attend either Teddy's or Peggy's funerals (although Sheila did), owing to work commitments on Home Truths. [3]
  • Warrick was part of a panel of five producers set up in 1972 [4] to oversee playlists on Radio 1: Peel's show was excluded from this arrangement, and responsibility for selecting sessions and records continued to devolve to Peel and Walters, something which would have telling consequences in 1976-7.
  • Teddy was part of the backing chorus for Elton John's pub piano session (#2, recorded 1973-12-18), and on the 18th, 23rd and 25th of April 1974 acted as producer for shows to fill in while Peel was on holiday, featuring Paul Gambaccini and Steve Bradshaw.
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