Broadcast Date

Cassette Brand / Description

  • BASF-SM Chrome


  • C120


  • Side 1 contains an hour starting from 30 minutes into show from 29 April 1980. The first half hour of that show was previously shared, leaving just the last 30 minutes incomplete.
  • Side 2 starts with a couple of tracks from the show of 27 March 1980 with the rest of that side containing a chunk of the show from 05 May 1980


  • Most of the tape is of reasonable quality for AM though with a strange sound effect at the start of side 1 and the end of side 2 where it sounds like a portion of the opposite side plays in reverse.


  • No


  • SB (Weatherman22)

Date Sent

  • 05/01/2010

Date Returned


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