Broadcast Date

Cassette Brand / Description

  • Polygram's February New Releases



  • Side a contains an unbroken section of the show from 15 April 1981, including a couple of songs from the Dead on Arrival session and one from the Endgames session.
  • Side b, also labelled 15/04/1981 appears to start off with recordings of steam trains passing through a sheep farming area, but has clearly been recorded over a Peel show as there is a snippet of the Undertones' "Something's Going To Happen". Normal service is resumed after about 11 minutes. This is an earlier segment of the show, including the first track of the Endgames session.


  • AM recording, reasonable quality with only occasional slight reception issues


  • No


  • SB (Weatherman22)

Date Sent

  • 05/01/2010

Date Returned


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