Broadcast Date

Cassette Brand / Description

  • Mari Wilson And The Wilsations - "Born Lucky"


  • C46



  • Although less mouldy than others in the Mari Wilson series this tape is in need of cleaning as the tape becomes very warbly and hard to play at the end of side 1 and the start of side 2. As a result I have a partial rip but will return to Rocker for a go on another deck or failing that it will need to be broken open to clean.
  • PS after some repeat forward and rewinding it played on my new stronger deck.
  • Sound quality ended up OK, after speeding up by 3.4% in Audacity and rebalancing the audio channels.


  • No


  • SB

Date Sent

  • 90930
  • Sent again Sept 2010, this time ripped

Date Returned

  • 23rd October 2009 and 25/10/2010


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