Broadcast Date

02 August 1979 / 06 August 1979

Cassette Brand / Description








  • Sham 69 Hersham Boys (single) - very end of track
  • Madness The Prince (single) Two Tone
  • Prince Buster: Madness
  • Silicon Teens: Memphis, Tennessee (single) Mute
  • Resistance: Incognito (session)
  • Undertones: Get Over You (single) Sire
  • Ultravox: The Man Who Dies Everyday / Young Savage (EP)
  • Leyton Buzzards: We Make A Nosie (single)
  • Lone Ranger: Some Are Holler, Some Are Ball (single) Jamaican import
  • Rail Birds: Dancing With God And Pogo With The Devil (double EP) King Kong
  • Modern Eon: Benched Down / 70s Sixties (LP - Street To Street: A Liverpool Compilation) Open Eye
  • Big Three: You've Got To Keep Her Underhand (single, 1964)
  • Resistance: Svengali Number Two (session)
  • Peter Hammill (as Rikki Nadir}: The Old School Tie (single - The Polaroid b-side) Charisma
  • Cockney Rejects: Flares And Slippers (single) Small Wonder- continues after tape flip

(tape flip)

(Richard Skinner taking about Saturday show. Promises it will be sensational. JP: "Even more sensational is the fact that I won't be there.")

06 August 1979

  • Madness: Madness (single - The Prince b-side) Two Tone
  • Rezillos: Top Of The Pops (Peel Session)
  • Jimmy Norton's Explosion: Just Like Lazarus (Peel Session)
  • The Mods: (LP - Mods May Day 1979) Bridge House
  • The Sods: Suicide / Copenhagen / Ghost Rider (LP - Minutes To Go) Step Forward
  • The Jags: Back Of My Hand (Single) Island -

(06 August 1979 show continues on T119



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Date Returned



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