Broadcast Date

(DM) Side A is the last 20 mins of 22 August 1978 (repeat sessions from Alternative TV and the Lurkers). After that show ends there's the last track from the show from 31 August 1978 ("I Like It" - the Rezillos) ; Peel helpfully tells us that we've just heard a session from the Desperate Bicycles, with tomorrow night's sessions coming from the Skids and Penetration, which allows us to date it. After this commences the recording from 07 November 1978, which flips onto the other side of the tape after a couple of minutes. Phew!

Cassette Brand / Description

"Big Wheels Of Motown"


Approx C60




Side 1 - 22 August 1978

  • Suicide: Frankie Teardrop (LP - Suicide) Red Star Records
  • Al Roberts Jr: Telephone Rock (LP - Rockabilly Guitar Man) Frog Records
  • Roy Brown: Love For Sale (LP - Cheapest Price in Town) Faith
  • The Lurkers: Countdown (Peel session)
  • Alternative TV: The Good Missionary (Peel session)
  • Devo: Social Fools (single b-side)
  • Keith Armstrong: Space Boogie (single b-side An Amazing Grace) Old Knew Wave

Show ends

Show ends

07 November 1978

  • XTC: Red (LP - Go 2) Virgin
  • Sham 69: Red London (single b-side – I Don't Wanna) Step Forward
  • Joe King Carrasco and El Molino: Jalapeno con Big Red (LP - Joe King Carrasco & El Molino) Lisa Records (tape flips over)

Side 2 - 07 November 1978

Continues on T053



Date Sent


Date Returned



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