Lincoln Barrington "Sugar" Minott (25 May 1956 – 10 July 2010) was a Jamaican reggae singer, producer and sound-system operator. First began his singing career as part of The African Brothers in 1969, along with Tony Tuff and Derrick Howard. The group released several singles in the first half of the 1970s on labels such as Micron and their own Ital label, and were an early example of the Rastafari movement's influence on the Jamaican music scene, taking a clear lead from The Abyssinians. After the group broke up in the mid 70's, he went solo and achieved some success in the UK in the early 80's when Good Thing Going" (a cover of a song originally recorded by Michael Jackson in 1971) reached Number 4 in the UK Singles Chart in March 1981.

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Sugar Minott - Good Thing Going03:19

Sugar Minott - Good Thing Going

Peel was a fan of Minott's music and was pleased that he had some success in the UK with Good Thing Going. He also tried to book him for three sessions for his show, where Minott failed to turn up for no apparent reasons in one of the Sessions That Never Happened. Despite this, Peel continued playing his music, even when his hits dried up in the UK after the success of Good Thing Going.


Peel noted on 11 December 2001, in response to a listener query as to why so few Jamaican acts were booked, that reggae acts were notoriously bad at actually fulfilling the bookings that had been made, citing the case of Sugar Minott who missed three bookings for no apparent reason.

Shows Played

Sugar Minott - Hard Time Pressure06:35

Sugar Minott - Hard Time Pressure

  • 25 February 1981: Holy Mount Zion (album - African Girl) Black Roots
  • 31 March 1981: 'Chant A Psalms (LP-African Girl)' (Black Roots Music) (JP: 'You may not agree with me, of course, but to me it's interesting that every time you hear 'Good Thing Going' played on the radio during the daytime, it sounds much better than anything else you've heard for about half an hour beforehand.')
  • 02 April 1981: Come Sister Come (LP - African Girl) Black Roots
  • Karl's Tape May 1981: Just Can't Win My Soul (7") Jabba Roots

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