Smash Hits was a UK-based pop music magazine published from 1978 to 2006.

Peel mentioned

  • Well, What Did John Say?: Peel competition with Virgin Records for new Motors single, “That’s What John Said” (1980-05-29)
  • All Time Top Ten: Peel gives a list: "If you ask me again tomorrow, it'll probably all be different. (1981-08-20, p.12)
  • Get Smart!: a "Liverpool & Peel Fan" from Birmingham writes in to ask where he can get a Liverpool sweatshirt like the one Peel wore on TOTP on May 27th. (1982-06-24, p.30)
  • Personal Profile: Peel is asked about his memories, favourites amongst others. (1982-11-24, p.4)
  • Inside Radio One: Three page feature on the station's 15th anniversary including a section about Peel (1982-02-18. p.30)
  • DJ in Radio 1 Split Shock Horror!: feature in Bitz about David Jensen leaving Radio 1 and the BBC. Jensen's 'one big regret' is breaking up the 'rhythm-pals' act with Peel. "I'm really sad about not being able to do things like Top of the Pops with Peelie anymore....Peel said to me the night it (Jensen's departure) was announced that he was sorry I was going and said he supposed he wouldn't see me any more. I just said don't be silly, I'll be visiting a lot, going out for meals with him etc. It was a very sad moment". (1984-07-05, p.17)


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