(Note, the Peel session artist is not the celebrated Jamaican dub producer, Scientist(2).)
THE SCIENTIST - 'The Bee'05:42


The Scientist was the name used by Phivos (Phil) Sebastiane for a series of records released by the Kickin label in the early 1990s. Sebastiane later recorded under the name Pure Science.

Links to Peel

Peel picked up on debut release "The Bee" and a session was recorded for his show.

Festive Fifty Entries

  • No entries.


  • One session only. No known commercial release.

1. Recorded: 1990-12-13. First broadcast: 06 January 1991. Repeated: 13 July 1991.

  • The Bee / The Exorcist / The Circle (three songs only)

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Other Shows Played

Pure Science

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