Ryan Paris (real name Fabio Roscioli) is an Italian singer, songwriter and musician. He gained success in 1983 throughout Europe with the single "Dolce Vita", which also made it to no. 5 in the UK in September of that year. (read more on Wikipedia)

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Peel interviewed Paris while in the city of Paris (presumably at the end of August 1983) for the European Chart feature for Top of the Pops shown on 01 September 1983 (TOTP), and while the record was the highest climber in the European charts but still outside the Top 40 in the UK. The interview took a typically comic turn:

Peel interviews Ryan Paris

Peel interviews Ryan Paris for TOTP

JP: Somebody told me that with this travelling business you change your name.. so in Paris you're Ryan Paris, but if you go to Mönchengladbach you're Ryan Mönchengladbach. Is this true?
RP: No, it's not true.
JP: Good gimmick though. Do you think you ought to try that?
RP: Well, it's a good idea.

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