(Message from Roger to Peel Mailing List, Aug. 2009):

Juggling the usual last minute stuff before heading off to France via The Big Chill, I've managed to find a moment to upload a few miscellaneous tapes. Some are more complete than others, most limited to the length of a C90 (if only someone had made a C120 that didn't snap the first time you played it!), but nonetheless some great sessions and classic Peel moments. And Zac's first birthday show to boot (though no request this time).
In case you're wondering, the 'conemelt_bobby' in the last one is not some mysterious session you never heard of, just something to identify a favorite tape that I've been unable to date - no doubt one of you will be able to identify it straight away.


Shows below are still at a preliminary stage of sorting. Please feel free to help create pages for all the shows, transfer links to the pages and add tracklistings. Many thanks!

And many thanks to Roger!



24 February 1995: The Orb


20 January 1999: Caroline Martin (Tape misdated 03-06-11 and also contains portion of 19 January 1999 show)

20 July 1999: Flaming Stars, 1928 Peelenium


25 July 2000: Piano Magic


07 February 2001: Gary Numan

18 April 2001: Derrero

24 July 2001: Icarus Line (please note mislabeled file name)

25 July 2001: White Stripes

30 October 2002: Bays, Echoboy, P Brothers live at Nottingham Boat Club


10 April 2003 Venetian Melt live at All Tomorrows Parties

05 June 2003: Buzzcocks (please note, files wrongly labeled as 03-05-05)

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