Peel frequently sent postcards. If you have one and would like to share it here, please add it to the page below (click Edit at the top of the page and use the tab on the left of the insert box to insert picture files). To view in a larger size, please click on the image.

To Steve Lowman

The date of sending, presumably inside an envelope, is unknown. Many thanks to Steve Lowman, the receiver of the card and a member of the Peel Mailing List, for sharing it.

Stowmarket Front
Stowmarket Text

Dear Steve. Thanks very much for the recent letter. I did indeed meet Bush and Jasmine. Don't worry about missing the dedication. It seems to be almost inevitable that people will. We're out in farming country ourselves so I have some understandng of what goes on. When the children were very small we were briefly in Bird's Eye Country and the pea harvesting went on through the night. The children loved it, of course, and we had to take them down to watch in their dressing gowns, etc. Stowmarket is our nearest town and the city fathers recently paid out £16,000,000 for an entirely unnecessary inner relief road - celebrated in the photos I took on this card. Mind you, I like Stowmarket although like most country towns these days it's a bit of a no go area on Fri. & Sat. nights, they tell me. Thanks again. Hope you can read some of this. John (Peel)

Other Postcards

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