The Pirates "Lonesome Train" 197703:05

The Pirates "Lonesome Train" 1977

Lonesome Train, Hope & Anchor, 1977

(adapted from message by markbursa on Peel newsgroup)

Originally a 60s beat combo called Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. Big hits including Shakin' all Over. Kidd was killed in a car crash in 1967, and the band fizzled out. The reformed band started in 1976 as a 3-piece fronted by original guitarist Mick Green, who'd been a top session man in the interim, along with other original members.

Gained something of a second wind when they gatecrashed the pre-punk pub-rock scene. Effectively they were a "new" band playing hard R&B like Dr Feelgood.

Festive Fifty Entries



1. Recorded: 1977-01-04. First broadcast: 12 January 1977. Repeated: 08 March 1977

  • Drinking Wine Spodeodee / Let's Talk / Talking About You / Cat Clothes

2. Recorded: 1977-11-08. First broadcast: 14 November 1977. Repeated: ?

  • I Can Tell / Gibson Martin Fender / Four To The Bar / Shakin' All Over

3. Recorded: 1978-05-09. First broadcast: 19 June 1978. Repeated: 07 July 1978, 30 August 1978

  • Johnny B. Goode's Good / Shake Hands With The Devil / Voodoo / Long Journey Home

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Other Shows Played

  • 06 March 1978: Gibson Martin Fender (v/a LP - Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival) Warner Bros.

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