• Pepper Forever!
  • 1997-05-24
  • Pepper Forever! was broadcast on Radio 2 in 1997 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the Beatles' album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The show was presented by Paul Jones, a successful pop singer in 1967, who later became a prolific broadcaster and host of Radio Two's blues show.. This programme also included comments from Paul McCartney, Beatles producer George Martin, sleeve designer Peter Blake and John Peel.[1], who had previewed the Sergeant Pepper LP on Radio London on 12 May 1967.


  • Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band (Intro)
(Paul Jones introduces the album and it's concept)
(Peel remembers the album - 'Just looking at the titles, humming things in my head rather tuneless kind of internal hum. I suppose it was a strongly musical record, sort of novelty songs... There was kind of circus theme running through a bit I suppose, Being For the Benefit Of Mr. Kite! and so forth. Yeah there was kind of Edwardian feel to some of the lyrics and so forth, but for me I suppose it will still be as a former military man, I think I still see Sgt. Pepper as being the kind of right marker of the squadrons of rock LP's of both proceeded it and followed it... I haven't listened to it in years but at the same time I can't think of another one that was so astonishing at the time... Perhaps I should ought to listen to it sometime.')
  • Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band (short clip)
(Derek Taylor, former Beatles press officer talks about remembering listening to the album at Brian Epstein's home)
(Art Garfunkel talks about the album saying it was a great album, where the songs take you in a different direction)
  • Beatles: With A Little Help From My Friends
(Paul Jones remembering listening to the album and called it a wonderful piece of work to Paul McCartney, which he replied 'Yes it is, isn't it')
(Peel remembers when he first heard the album on the seas for Radio London - 'Well the first time I heard Sgt. Pepper was when I was playing it for the first time in the world ever I think and Ed Stewart who was the DJ on duty got the tapes and started playing it. Myself and one of the engineers, well couple of engineers who were interested in the music, were listening to it and Ed Stewart to my greatest astonishment as an Evertonian, he's not a sensitive man, well he said obviously this will be more to you than it would be to me, so he played the first couple of tracks and the first one I think I played was Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, which remains my favourite really, because it sums up the era so totally and I played through to the end of the LP as far I can remember and probably cried a bit at the time, because I'm rather prone to crying, but it was an amazing thing because I thought nobody apart from the Beatles themselves, and their immediate friends and family as it were, would have heard this before, it was quite something yeah.')
  • Beatles: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (short clip)
(Paul McCartney denies Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds had anything to do with the drug L.S.D. He explains that the name refered to John Lennon's son Julian who drew a picture of his friend, Lucy at school and described it as Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.)
  • Beatles: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
(Paul McCartney describes psychedelic and says Alice In The Wonderland was psychedelic before the Beatles did it)
(George Martin describes the process of making the album)
(Geoff Emerick, the engineer describes the process of making the album)
(George Martin mentions that the Beatles did smoke pot, but didn't do it in front of him when making the album. He also revealed John Lennon took LSD and took him upstairs on the roof to cool himself down)
(Mike Leander describes doing the score for She's Leaving Home)
(George Martin describes She's Leaving Home as a little opera and the process of making Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!)
  • Beatles: Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!
(Archive interview of Brian Matthews interviewing the Beatles about making the album)
(Paul McCartney described the above as an interesting track and mentioned girls not liking it)
(George Martin describes the editing process of the album)
(Paul McCartney describes the idea of making the album cover)
(Paul Jones mentions that Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ were going to be used in front of the album cover with other famous people, but was rejected)
(George Martin describes the process of artificial double tracking)
  • Beatles: Good Morning Good Morning
(George Martin describes the process of adding sound effects used at the end of Good Morning Good Morning)
  • Beatles: Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
(Paul McCartney describes the lyrics of 'I like To Turn You On' on A Day In the Life, which some of the media outlets described as controversial)
(George Martin describes adding the sound effects on the above track)
(Peel describes the concept album - 'I think one of the problems with Sgt. Pepper was the people who weren't as good as the Beatles by and large saw this as an opportunity to do something they perceived as art in their kindly vaguely uneducated sort of way, and most of the records out of the consequences of that were abominations and now of course are highly collectible. I wish I had got of them really. I suppose it lead on to the rock opera and things like that and Tommy, I like Tommy to be honest, I was never very enthusiastic about the idea of pop music as art. Although at one time I would probably have said something opposite to that. Cause what happens when you start thinking in terms of pop music as art is you end up with Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Yes and things like Tales Of Topographic Oceans, whatever it was called, which is just stunning in pretentiousness, that is the record, the sleeve I have studied very very carefully, which has the lyrics printed inside and what a load of bollocks they are too, if I can say that')
(Archive of an interview with John Lennon describing not the intention of having a sequel to Sgt. Pepper)


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