• Six-part BBC series of one-hour shows presented by John Walters, who interviews Peel on his musical history since buying his first record at the age of 13 in 1952. The song featured on this 78, 'Blue Tango' by Ray Martin & His Orchestra, is used as the theme tune for the series.
  • First broadcast on BBC Radio 1 in 1987 on Saturday afternoons, with Thursday evening repeats. Repeated more recently by the BBC in shortened form, with much of the music edited down. (Peel Sessions gives first broadcast of final show as 1987-10-30, which was a Friday).

Music Fan

See also: Peeling Back The Years 1 (Transcript)

(First broadcast: 1987-09-26)

Early DJ Years

See also: Peeling Back The Years 2 (Transcript)

(First broadcast: 1987-10-03)


(First broadcast: 1987-10-10)

See also: Peeling Back The Years 3 (Transcript)


(First broadcast: 1987-10-17)

See also: Peeling Back The Years 4 (Transcript)

Life After Punk

(First broadcast: 1987-10-24)

See also: Peeling Back The Years 5 (Transcript).


(First broadcast: 1987-10-31)

See also, Peeling Back The Years 6 (Transcript))


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