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Peel Out In The States (Program 03)

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Show Edit

  • Syndicated
  • 1993-00-00

Tracklisting Edit

(Florence Ravenscroft: 'This is Peel Out In The States, brought to you by Nana.')
(JP: 'Nearly right, Flossie.')
(JP: 'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever, as the poet Keats said.....Anjali, who sang it and wrote it, has now moved on to another band called the Voodoo Queens, who recently recorded stuff for my programmes here in Britain. They've only got four songs actually, so they did those, and they're now writing another four so they can come in and record another session. I'm looking forward to it, I must say. This is this week's Yank Sizzler.')
(JP: 'The response to the earlier programmes of these has been fantastic, as you can imagine. Well, to be honest with you, there's been no response at all, although somebody did say to me, "There were too many unfamiliar names in those programmes, you know." There's not a lot of point in me playing you, say, "Here's another track from Simply Red." You deserve better than that: everybody deserves better than that.')

File Edit

  • a)
  • b) Peel Out In The States 1-4
  • a)
  • b) 00:29:02
  • a) Dedicated torrent (Google search)
  • b) No longer available online

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