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A preliminary attempt to list radio programmes featuring Peel. Please feel free to add any missing shows.


Guest Presenter

  • Radio One Club (1968- ?) Made his first appearance in November 1968; described the experience ("hell for my ego") in his column in the 29 November 1968 issue of International Times.
  • University Radio York (1969). Relaunch show with Peel as guest presenter for one show only. He opened it by playing Pink Floyd's Let There Be More Light (from A Saucerful Of Secrets). [4]
  • Inquiry (BBC Radio 4, 1969). Peel presented a number of episodes of this BBC Radio 4 Schools series. He is pictured visiting a school in Harrow on the BBC website. [5]
  • Paul Gambaccini US Chart Show (BBC Radio 1, 1977). [11]
  • Annie Nightingale's Request Show (BBC Radio 1, 1986). [12]
  • Andy Kershaw (BBC Radio 1, 1987). [13]
  • John Peel Is Jakki Brambles (BBC Radio 1, 1993). [14]
  • Mark Radcliffe (BBC Radio 1, 1996). [15]
  • Radio One Chart Show (BBC Radio 1, 2003) Peel was originally planned to host the chart rundown as a guest presenter for a one-off in January 2003, but the BBC changed their minds at the last moment, as they didn't want too many radio DJ's hosting the programme before the relaunch.





  • The Pink Floyd Story (Capital Radio, 1976) [7]
  • Radio Active (BBC Radio 4, 1987). [19] [8]
  • Come Rain Or Come Shine (BBC Radio 1, 1987). [20]
  • 21 Years Of Radio 1 (BBC Radio 1, 1988).
  • How To Survive Your Parents (BBC Radio 1, 1990).
  • Look Out, It's Alive! (BBC Radio 1, 1991). [21]
  • Def Leppard (BBC Radio 1, 1993). [22]
  • From Loon Pants To Safety Pins (BBC Radio 4, 1993).
  • At The Beeb (BBC Radio 1, 1993)[23]
  • Jonathan King At 50 (BBC Radio 2, 1994).
  • The Story Of Pop (BBC Radio 1, 1994). [24]
  • Kaleidoscope (BBC Radio 4, 1995). [25]
  • Kickin (BBC Radio 1, 1996). [26]
  • The Sixties At The Beeb (BBC Radio 2, 1996). [27]
  • Pepper Forever! (BBC Radio 2, 1997). [28]
  • The Great Outdoors (BBC Radio 2, 1997). [29]
  • The Story Of Pop Radio (BBC Radio 2, 1997; revised from a 1982 Radio 1 series). [30] [9]
  • The Summer Of Love (BBC Radio 2, 1997). [31]
  • Falling Through Time (Resonance 107.3 FM, 1998). [32]


Posthumous Appearances

  1. Peel presented the occasional show thereafter on an irregular basis.
  2. Summarily cancelled with no explanation given. Peel vaguely recalled them originally being known as 'Rock Today' or something similar.
  3. Occasional presenter.
  4. Peel constantly insisted that these shows should be called 'Kat's Karavan' and saw them as a continuation of Top Gear. He sometimes called them 'The John Peel Wingding', but in the Radio Times they were merely referred to by his name.
  5. Several pre-recorded shows were broadcast after Peel's death.
  6. Ten or more programmes transferred to cassette and sent out to Virgin record shops to be played while customers were shopping.
  7. Radio 1's 15th birthday party, co-hosted with Tony Blackburn. TX 1982-09-30.
  8. Christmas Day pre-recorded show, produced by John Walters: 'John Peel plays some of the good, the bad, the ugly, the yule-ish, coolish and foolish records that are released only at Christmas.'
  9. A series of 24 shows intended to be marketed to various stations.
  10. The only Peel-helmed show to be identified by numbers. He left voluntarily to spend more time writing Margrave Of The Marshes.
  11. Peel sat in for one show (January 01) while Gambaccini was in New York.
  12. For three weeks.
  13. Peel sat in for Andy Kershaw's show on 08 January 1987 (Andy Kershaw) while he was ill.
  14. For one week.
  15. For three separate weeks.
  16. Interviewed by David Gedge.
  17. Interviewing Ian Rush.
  18. A panel of DJs reviewed new releases. Most celebrated for an on-air rant by Peel about Patti Smith's Horses.
  19. Peel was a guest on 'Radio Radio Programme', 1987-09-05. Subsequently repeated on BBC7.
  20. Reading Festival in the 1960s. Presented by Tommy Vance: TX 1987-08-22.
  21. Presented by John Walters: documentary about the Peel Sessions.
  22. Two-part history of the group: presented by Claire Sturgess. TX 1993-06-05.
  23. Series of four documentaries on the BBC sessions of Marc Bolan, David Bowie, The Smiths and Led Zeppelin to tie in with the publication of Ken Garner's In Session Tonight. TX 1993-09.[1]
  24. Alan Freeman history of pop music. Peel appears in programmes 26, 'Trip On The London Underground' (TX 1994-07-12) and 29, 'A Reasonable Guide To Horrible Noise' (TX 1994-08-02).
  25. Arts programme which included a piece on the battle between Blur and Oasis for pop supremacy. TX 1995-09-11. Peel had appeared on the programme on at least one previous occasion (see 18 August 1978.
  26. The increasingly glamourised image of football players. Presented by Nick Hancock. TX 1996-06-17.
  27. Alan Freeman examines popular music broadcasting at the BBC in the 1960s. TX 1996-08-18.
  28. The Beatles LP, presented by Paul Jones. TX 1997-05-24.
  29. Open air jazz and pop music festivals in the 1960s, presented by Johnnie Walker. TX 1997-05-31.
  30. He contributed to the episode 'A Life On the Medium Wave'.
  31. 1967 and all that, presented by Brian Matthew. TX 1997-06-07.
  32. Grant Showbiz presents a history of the Fall.
  33. Peel offered a profile of Rod Stewart in his sole contribution to this series.
  34. Documentary about the history of the motorbike.[2] [3]
  35. Documentary about the use of recreational drugs by popular musicians, critically acclaimed but slated within the BBC.
  36. First programme only.
  37. Two series.
  38. 'Feature on the post-war baby boom' (Ken Garner, The Peel Sessions, p. 236.
  39. Surf music, with particular reference to Dick Dale. TX 1997-06-03.
  40. The life of music hall comedian Billy Williams.
  41. Music-free compilation, hosted by Steve Lamacq, of Peel's speech from the likes of Peeling Back The Years and Radio Radio.
  42. ...and to date, the only one (aka John Peel's Podcast - The Very First One). Poorly edited extracts from Peel shows, also broadcast separately.
  43. This archive documentary series (produced by Trevor Dann's company) was a re-edit with newly compiled episodes of the earlier 25 / 30 Years Of Rock (BBC Radio 1, 1980 / 1985), in which Peel had scarcely appeared. It took considerable advantage of the Peel material that had subsequently been rediscovered (and catalogued on this site), and clips of his shows feature in the years 1968, 1977, 1978, 1982 and 1994.

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