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Show Edit

  • John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1985-00-00
  • Quite a few old records, probably listener requests, in this compilation. The That Petrol Emotion single is referred to as "the greatest record in the world" at the time.

Sessions Edit

  • None

Tracklisting Edit

(JP: 'It's surprising you know how often during the course of these programmes the studio is filled with the many stars of BFBS who want to pick up one or two hints about disc jockeying.')
(JP: 'See what I mean? Not very exciting really, is it?')
(JP: 'A band to watch I suspect, but not to listen to, I hear you cry. No no no no no no, you misjudge them.')
  • Fall: 'Kicker Conspiracy (2x7")' (Rough Trade)
(JP: 'Unless I get more mail from you, I'm going to sleep with your sisters, or in extreme cases, your mothers. So, unless you get writing, that's the terrible fate that will befall your family.')

File Edit

  • Peel 020
  • 00:44:54
  • Original file recorded at very low volume and with numerous glitches: most of these corrected by SIG, but evidence of dropout and tape stretching remain.
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