Party Diktator
Party Diktator
were a noisecore band formed in 1989 from Bremen, Germany, whose name came from breaking up parties by playing their own demo tapes. The band in their time supported Mudhoney, Rollins Band and Poison Idea. After 1996, the band disbanded and did a reunion gig in 2009 for charity. The group only made 2 albums, 3 compilation albums and several singles.

Links To Peel

Peel first heard the band in 1990 and invited the group for a session in 1991. The group also got played in early 1993 after their first album was released, but appeared not to get any play on his show in 1996 after their second album was made.


1. Recorded: 1991-05-19. First broadcast: 13 July 1991. Repeated: 15 September 1991

  • Pressure / Bagger / Dreamland / Beam Me Up

Other Shows Played



  • 08 March 1993 (BFBS):  W.S.W.B.(Saw Shaped Tragedies #3 - Split Single with Spermbirds) Musical Tragedies Records

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