• Night Ride
  • BBC Radio One (and Two)
  • 1968-1969
  • Peel Group member Paul Bryant writes:

The tapes have long gone, alas, but I dug up some partial listings of Night Ride shows I taped during its brief run on Radio 2. I only have the dates for a couple of these, the shows with the ISB and John Martyn. I think they're in chronological order, and , of course, who knows how the foreign names were really spelled, these are my 16 year old guesses based on Peel's dubious pronounciation.



  • Hopefully the dates and titles will be checked in the course of time.....

Jew's harp solo Good Luck to you, kafka - You'll Need it, boss - Henry Graham Untitled instrumental - Principal Edwards Magic theatre Colour Time Sequence by Messaien - BBC Symphony Orch Thing from Russia New Pieces - les Structures Sonores What they're Doing Now - Henry Graham Raga yeman Kalyan - Brij Bushan Kabra

6 March (June?) 1968

Early morning Buddhist chant Factory/The Bed/To my Unborn Son - Tom Pickard Brenda's blues - John Fahey The Gimber - Tom Pickard Aboriginal children's song Won't you come see me – Incredible String band Rhapsody de Budapesth - Les Structures Mr Musbeetle's message to Me - Tom Pickard Deviation Street - the Deviants Theme from Telemann - Max Saint-Something Quartet Improvisation for Kwang-go All too much for me - ISB

The Christian Life - Byrds Fresh garbage - Spirit Take a look at that baby - John fahey To whom it may concern - Adrian Mitchell Sunday 6.30 - Jim Eldridge Estudio 5 - Alerio Diaz Fire Walking Music

North Vietnamese Peasant Song What do you say? - Geoff Hill Let there be more light - Pink Floyd The Evil Venus Tree - Geoff Hill The Death of the Clayton peacock - John Fahey Bektashi Song - Pere Sultan Abdul Geoff Hill's talking Blues - geoff Hill Cancer, the Moon Child - Zodiac Cosmic Sounds

10 July 1968

Come along and sing a song of summer - John martyn Mud - Gillian Barron March - les Structures Sonores Just doing our job - Fraternity of Man Furniture - Gillian Barron Music for an Auspicious Occasion East Coast Trot - Johnny Dodds The gardeners - John martyn Exorcising the evil spirits from the Pentagon 21st february 1967 - The Fugs Chimney Pots and red Balloons - Gillian barron For harriett, the Lady Violinist, and her mittens and her stuffed vulture too - " Gat - Ravi Shankar The River - John Martyn

5th March 1969

Newsflash - Richard Hill Your shoes are dry 1967 Beatles Christmas fan club record from Lumpy Gravy - Frank Zappa A party political broadcast on behalf of the Burial Party - Adrian mitchell Dust be Diamonds - ISB Open Day at Porton Down - Adrian Mitchell Smiling - " Theta - ISB Careful with that axe, Eugene - Pink Floyd

She was crazy, he was mad - Leon Rosselson George King - Mitch Howard and the Occasional Music Ensemble Waltz - cantili [can't read next 2 items] A bedtime poem - Mitch Howard When i was three - Rick Sylvester and the Occasional Music Ensemble Music from the Khyber pass Prophet of Death and Confusion ( A happy poem) - Rick Sanders Naked Ambition - " and the Occasional Music Ensemble Munuet 1 from the Suite in D Minor A few short lines - Dave Kelly Ort - John Brown & Occasional Music Ensemble Serena - " As islands go I get around - " Violation - " Raga Yaman - Ustad Vilayat Khan Summer in the City - Lovin' Spoonful Waltzing in the moonlight - Country Joe Hang on to a Dream - Tim Buckley (Hardin?)

Peel apologises for messing up his programme Auntie g - Chris Kennedy The transfiguration of blind joe death - John Fahey Raga Kamast Faye Dunaway - Chris kennedy Spanish caravan - The Doors Malayan magical-medical music

Zero she flies - Al Stewart Got to see my baby tonight - Taj Mahal Dripsody - Hugh Lecane For m - Frances Horowitz Pat's Song – Country Joe and the Fish Burbling - Al Stewart The partisan - Leonard Cohen Travelling Blues - Dave Kelly Cetacian - Country Joe and the Fish Electric Los Angeles Sunset - Al Stewart

Come sing me a happy song to prove we can all get along the lumpy bumpy long and dusty road - Bert jansch She sang hymns out of tune - Idle race The plaint of the folding women - Libby Houston something by the Electric Flag something by ravi Shankar The Straight Queen's Oratory - Libby Houston The princess's Game with the Golden Apples by Stravinsky - BBC Symphony orch Sour Ashtray (?) Sonata by Scarlatti - Alerio Diaz The Rotting Song (to the tune of Lonnie Donegan) - Libby Houston The Victory Rag - John James Blues Run the Game - Jackson C Frank Keep on Truckin - Donovan Jimmy Clay - Jackson C Frank Cymbelon dance What a Bringdown - Cream from Baptism - a Journey through our Times - Joan Baez Carnival - Jackson C Frank


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