Neu Electrikk live at The Croydon Warehouse

Neu Electric (later named Neu Electrikk) were a five-piece band based in London, and influenced by Berlin-period Bowie, The Velvet Underground, Neu, Cluster, and Can. The group comprised Dee Sebastian (v, real name Derek Morris), Steve Jadd (gtr, real name Steve Parry), Steve James Sherlock (sax/clar), Nick Hunt (b) and Barry Della/Deller (d).

Having quickly attracted a reasonable following on the synth-dominated London circuit, the group self-financed the single 'Lust of Berlin', which was recorded early in the spring of 1979 and privately issued in May through the SGS plant on Synesthesia. Housed in a nice picture cover designed by Nick Wilkinson, the 7” featured 'Lust of Berlin' and 'Distractions' two original compositions worthy of investigation from collectors of experimental New Wave.

The group issued a 1980 EP on the Synesthesia imprint (tracks: Cover Girl // Practically Isolate / Tape Converse / Hand) in a similar musical vein, using the slightly altered (and even more Krautrock flavoured) moniker Neu Electrikk, as well as contributing a different recording of 'Lust of Berlin' to the synth-Pop compilation Some Bizzare Album in 1981.[1]

After the group’s break-up, Sherlock played with The The and Marc & The Mambas, while Steve Parry formed Hwyl Nofio, a group who continued the sonic experiments first explored with Neu Electric.

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Peel first played their single 'Lust for Berlin' on 14 August 1979 as a link to the previous record 'John Peel' by Norwegian singer Wencke Myhre, sung in German. "You might think 'ah! more strange German noises'," he comments, referring both to the band name and the song title, but adding "no no, the person comes from Harrogate".

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