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Misty in roots - mankind ( you a sinner ) - live - uncut intro05:17

Misty in roots - mankind ( you a sinner ) - live - uncut intro

Misty In Roots are a British-based reggae band much loved by John Peel, who frequently listed their Live At The Counter Eurovision 79 among his favourite LPs and cited with strong approval the philosophy of the introduction at the start of side one:

"When we trod this land, we walk for one reason. The reason is to try to help another man to think for himself. The music of our hearts is roots music: music which recalls history, because without the knowledge of your history, you cannot determine your destiny; the music about the present, because if you are not conscious of the present, you are like a cabbage in this society; music which tells about the future and the judgement which is to come."

The band's People Unite label also released the debut single of The Ruts.

Festive Fifty Entries



1979: Mankind


Nine sessions. A selection of 16 tracks was released on The John Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit, 1995).

1. Recorded: 1979-06-05. First broadcast: 13 June 1979. Repeated: 20 December 1979, 08 June 1982, 14 July 1983.

  • Oh Wicked Man / Rich Man / Salvation / Babylon's Falling

2. Recorded: 1979-11-27. First broadcast: 06 December 1979. Repeated: 10 January 1980

  • True Rasta Man / Judgement Coming On The Land / Sodom And Gomorrah

3. Recorded: 1980-09-15. First broadcast: 29 September 1980. Repeated: 30 December 1980

  • Bale Out / Peace And Love / Wise And Foolish

4. Recorded: 1981-05-12. First broadcast: 01 June 1981. Repeated: 29 December 1981

  • Live Up Jah Life / Life Boat / Big City Blues / Africa

5. Recorded: 1982-12-15. First broadcast: 03 January 1983. Repeated: 26 January 1983

  • New Day / Can't Stand It / Earth / Own Them Control Them

6. Recorded: 1984-02-22. First broadcast: 29 February 1984. Repeated: 02 April 1984

  • West Livity / City Runnings / The Wanderer

7. Recorded: 1985-05-07. First broadcast: 20 May 1985. Repeated: 17 July 1985

  • Hawks On The Street / Thought For The Children / Horizon

8. Recorded: 1986-04-29. First broadcast: 20 May 1986. Repeated: 04 June 1986

  • Envy Us / Just A Festa / Own Them Control Them / Together

9. Recorded: 2002-06-23. First broadcast: 23 July 2002. Repeated: None

  • Music Suite / The Way (Almighty) / Dance Hall / Cover Up

Other Shows Played

(The list below is obviously incomplete and was researched only from the database of this site and Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive. Please add further information if known.)


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