• John Peel May to July 2002
  • BBC Radio One
  • 2002-05/06
  • (User:David Pascoe) Compilation tape with tracks picked out from shows broadcast over this period. The first of four tapes I made in 2002. Only a defective tape machine and a belief that Peel would be around for years to come stopped me making more of them.


  • Dayglo Superstars - "This Girl's On Fire" (7" split single) Versechorusverse
  • Gerty Farish - "Bonk! Ding!" (LP - "Bulks Up") Load
  • Hint - "A Shout Of Blue" (Peel Session)
(Subsequently heard the remaining tracks from this session on a Peel Tapes fansite. It was broadcast on 14 May 2002 and the two other tracks were "Words to that Effect" and "Quite Spectacular".)
  • Cinerama - "Quick, Before it Melts" (7") Scopitones
  • 4 June 2002
  • Punk Rock Baby - "Teenage Kicks" (LP - "Punk Rock Baby") (label details are missing)
(Described as soothing sounds for the nursery. Punk Rock classics in a lullaby style. JP: "The sort of novelty nonsense on which this programme thrives.")
(JP: (referring to the chorus lines "She wears it for her lover who is fur, fur away.") "I love that convention of saying fur instead of far. I sometimes slip that in to my conversation, leaving people looking confused and sometimes rather angry.")
  • Derrero - "Sandbar" (LP - "Comb the Brakes") Sylent
  • Shirley Brown - "Woman to Woman" (LP - "If Loving You is Wrong") Kent
  • Chicks on Speed - "Fashion Rules" (Alter Ego remix), Chicks on Speed
  • Cranebuilders - "Bitch" (EP - "Bitch") Ten People Tell
  • 4 July 2002
  • Clinic - "Come Into Our Room" (7") Domino



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