A select series of compilations by Mark featuring selections from vintage Peel shows, with JP links intact, mostly but not exclusively from the early 80s, shared in May-October 2009. Many thanks to Mark and also to for technical advice, notices to the Peel Mailing List, and the Wiki pages below.


1997 And Still Going Strong

Can I Hear Shipbuilding

Feb 82-UB40

Helen And Her Horns

Kilburn 85

John Peel - Altered Images 81

John Peel - Bow Wow Wow - 81

John Peel - Fire Engines

John Peel Terry & Gerry 1984‎‎

Liverpool's Night Of Victory

Peel 1981

Peel Oct 1982

Peelenium 47 and 54 1999

Rolf Harris 81

The Fall 81

Peely - Short Commercial Break 84 & 82

Mark Mixtape - Half Man Half Biscuit 1986

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