Malaysian Girls were an unidentified group of three Malaysian girls splashing water called 'ketimum' or water splash music, which later ended up in the BBC Archives. The water splash track called Hydro-Percussion appeared on John Peel's Archive Things and nothing is known when or where in Malaysia the sound was recorded.

Links To Peel

Peel played the Hydro-Percussion track on his 04 July 1970 show and dedicated it to Jimmy Savile. It is unknown why it was dedicated to him.

Shows Played

John Peel's Malaysian Girls - Hydro Percussion01:55

John Peel's Malaysian Girls - Hydro Percussion


  • 04 July 1970: 'Hydro Percussion (Compilation LP-John Peel's Archive Things)' (BBC Recordings) REC 68M (JP: And there's one for Jimmy Savile. Sounds like a communal shower actually.)
  • 21 February 2001: 'Hydro-Percussion (Compilation LP-John Peel's Archive Things)' (BBC Recordings)

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