Los Jaivas - En la cumbre de un cerro05:08

Los Jaivas - En la cumbre de un cerro

Los Jaivas - En La Cumbre De Un Cerro

Los Jaivas are a Chilean musical group who perform in folk, rock, and progressive rock styles. They appeared in the Chilean music scene in 1963 as a progressive-rock Andino group, mixing rock with South American ancestral music. However in 1971, when the military overthrew the democratic elected government of Chile, the band fled to Argentina and then to France, when a miliary coup took place in Argentina in 1976. The band's line up has changed over time due to deaths of some members. Children of some of the band members who died, have taken over the roles of their fathers in the band.

Links To Peel

Peel played a song from the band in 1978, and refused to pronounce the band's single, which was "En La Cumbre De Un Cerro", which in Spanish means "At The Summit Of A Mountain". He also thought the band was Argentinian, whereas in fact they were from Chile, who fled to Argentina and then to France, when there were military coups taking place in Chile and Argentina.

Other Shows Played

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  • 07 July 1978: En La Cumbre De Un Cerro (LP - Cancion Del Sur) EMI

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