The Listener was a magazine that was established by the BBC in 1929 and ceased publication in 1991. Its name referred to the era when the BBC broadcast only on the radio. It was generally regarded as a more serious journal than the popular Radio Times and contained analytical pieces on politics, broadcasting and culture. Peel, regarded by some at the BBC as representing the more "intellectual" side of pop culture, first contributed to it in 1968.

Peel articles

John Peel contributed occasional articles, several of which were reprinted in The Olivetti Chronicles:

  • 1973-04-12, Kosmische Musik, pg. 136-8
  • 1973-06-07, Tubular Bells, pg. 311-3
  • 1973-08-08, Peel's Theory, pg. 218-9
  • 1973-11-22, Rock's In Trouble, pg. 266-7
  • 1975-12-25, 1975, pg. 175-9
  • 1976-04-24, Eurovision 2, pg. 69-72
  • 1977-07-07, Viv Stanshall 2, pg. 286-9
  • 1977-12-22, 1977, pg. 180-5

Please add any information for further articles by Peel if known.


The DJ also featured as a subject of articles, including one of the earliest in the journalistic career of Ken Garner:

  • 1987-01-08, Lost Sessions And Sticky Tapes, p. 24


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