Shared in January 2008 via a now-defunct torrent by Peel Mailing List member "bbrbr57" that brought together shows shared by Julian and Kev via various uploads. Some of the original cassettes were running fast and the speed of the digital files may need adjustment (possible using Audacity or similar software). In some cases, speed-adjusted files have since been re-shared.

Shows from the same collection that weren't included in the torrent but also shared by Julian/Kev:

Please note, some of the shows may not be currently available. These are marked with a single asterisk(*). Please address any requests for re-ups to the Peel Mailing List.

Files & Shows


19780802_Penetration & Reggae Regular.mp3

19780803_All Singles.mp3

198x_Tanz Der Youth White Cats and King.mp3 (Please note incomplete file name)


198x_Misty In Roots.mp3 (Please note incomplete file name)

198x_Swell Maps and Distributors.mp3 (Please note incomplete file name)

19810409_The Russians.mp3 (Wrong file name. Show of the 1979 date, with Russians session, was shared. See also 09 April 1981 below)

19790829_The Undertones.mp3


1981-04-07 (B Movie, Positive Noise).mp3

19810508_All Singles.mp3 (File date wrong? There was no Peel show on 08 May 1981. April date ties with Liverpool match mentioned in show.)

1981-04-09 (Cuban Heels, Glaxo Babies sessions).mp3 See also 19 July 1979 above which was shared under this date.)

19810511_Chefs & Frames.mp3

19810512_Ski Patrol & Flock Of Seagulls.mp3

19810513_The Revillos & Department S.mp3

19810514_New Order & Killing Joke.mp3

19810518_Moondogs & Ivor Cutler.mp3

19810519_The Moderates & The Lucys.mp3

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