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"Football supplies many of the requirements that other people seek and find in religion, with the difference that you can actually see the truth of it being demonstrated on the pitch every Saturday afternoon." ... Read More >
Disc & Music Echo
ABC Of Beauty
For the 2 Nov 1968 edition of Disc & Music Echo, columnist John Peel offered readers his "ABC of Beauty', featuring British "underground" artists both famous and obscure who caught his attention at the time...Many of the artists featured would have been familiar to listeners of Peel's Top Gear and Night Ride radio shows, while others subsequently recorded sessions or had their records played by the DJ....Read More >
Protex 2
Protex are a Belfast punk band who were active between 1978-81 and from 2010 onward. Their first records were issued on Good Vibrations records. They formed part of the first wave of Belfast punk bands... Read More >

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Fr Ferdinand
Blind WJ
Blind WJ
SATB Christine
1980614 BFBS
‎Yummy Fur
Rip-Off Artist
Rip-Off Artist
Arc Se
Yum Yums
‎‎1997619 BFBS
Ma El
‎Mark Ellen
Passage NLS
1980607 BFBS
Proms 2018
BSL (2)
Prosthetic C
‎‎‎‎Prosthetic C
Ukrainian Session
It's Alive!

Peel TV

John Peel's Norman Long - We Can't Let You Broadcast That

John Peel's Norman Long - We Can't Let You Broadcast That

Excerpt from the Pig's Big 78 of 09 September 2004: "a most appropriate title tonight."


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Record Collection: Details of the first 100 LPs of each letter of John Peel's record collection were released at The Space website in 2012. All material is now available at John Peel Archive and YouTube. Since Sept. 2014, a new Record Boxes series features selections from the collection by key music figures. Event:

If you have tapes of vintage Peel shows that you would like to share or get help converting to digital formats, please contact the Peel Mailing List, where you will find many people keen to help you.

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