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Native hipsters 250
...And The Native Hipsters
...And The Native Hipsters were an English post-punk group formed in London in 1979 who are best known for their 1980 debut single "There Goes Concorde Again". Peel championed the song when it was released, even if it divided his audience … (read more)
Shamen 250
The Shamen were a Scottish psychedelic-influenced electronic dance music band from Aberdeen, Scotland. They garnered considerable airplay on JP's shows from their first releases, and continued to do so even when they shifted their style … (read more)
Cheeze 250
Cheeze were a short-lived band that issued two singles of cover versions on the Chicago art label Bob Records in the early 90s. Peel admired their grungy take on ABBA's "Dancing Queen" and a copy was subsequently found in his box of favourite singles … (read more)

Monthly Choice

Bostic 200
Earl Bostic
25 May 1996 (BFBS)
25May96 BFBS
Neu 200
Dick Gaughan
Dick Gaughan
Bingo master 200
Fall (plays)
Yardbirds 200
Eric Clapton 200
Eric Clapton
Jeff beck 200
Jeff Beck
Beck 200
23 June 1991 200
23 June 1991

Canned Heat 200
Canned Heat
De la soul 200
De La Soul
Alien Kulture 200
Alien Kulture
Stranglers 200
Talking Heads200
Talking Heads
18 May 1996 (BFBS) 200
18May96 BFBS
Slade 200
Jack White 200
Jack White
Graham coxon 200
Graham Coxon
Damon albarn 200
Damon Albarn

Peel TV

A Life In Radio09:54

A Life In Radio

Andy Kershaw talks about working with John Peel and John Walters.


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Record Collection: Details of the first 100 LPs of each letter of John Peel's record collection were released over 26 weeks at The Space website in 2012. The site's pilot run came to an end in October 2012. All material is now available at John Peel Archive, with videos at YouTube. Latest:

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Independent. Original. Uncompromising. Official home of the Festive Fifty since 2006.

If you have tapes of vintage Peel shows that you would like to share or get help converting to digital formats, please contact the Peel Mailing List, where you will find many people keen to help you.

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