• John Peel In Scandinavia
  • 1993-10-14
  • Peel is in Stockholm, Sweden as part of Euro Action talking about opportunities for young people from the UK to study or work in Scandinavia.
  • Peel mentions receiving a new copy of Bear Quartet's LP before revealing that their session will be broadcast tomorrow.
  • Peel talks to a Swedish soft porn actress named Ylva Maria Thompson about her Tusen Och En Natt (1001 Nights) show, a programme that shows erotic films on TV 1000, a Swedish TV satellite/cable channel.


  • None


(JP: That's Stakka Bo, top Swedish popster in the charts no doubt')
  • Mambo Taxi: Do You Always Dress Like That In Front Of Other Peoples Boyfriends? (7") Clawfist
(Peel mentions also travelling to Denmark and talks to a British ex-pat part time DJ living in Copenhagen about life in the city)
(JP: 'And now Nouvelle Generation, who certainly don't know where Sweden is')
(Peel talks about youth homelessness in Denmark and speaks to a lady who is involve in a project that combats homelessness)
(JP: 'One thing we have discovered as we drift through Scandinavia is the people here by and large fear the rise of fascism, it hasn't really got very far so far, but it is started and moving and here's a record which cannot be played enough')
  • Chumbawamba & Credit To The Nation: Enough Is Enough (12") One Little Indian
  • Unknown indie record, gets played, but then immediately skips to another song, which has the last few seconds of it, before Peel talks to British students in Sweden about life in Stockholm, one studying Law and the other, Dance, as part of the Erasmus Programme.
  • Popsicle: Irreplaceable (CD - Lacquer) Snap 
  • Fall: Pay Your Rates [LP - Grotesque (After The Gramme)] Rough Trade
(Peel talks to a Swedish radio broadcaster about her Euro Action programme for young Swedish people to know about opportunities to study or work in the UK)
(JP: 'One of the LP's of the year so far I think, Transglobal Underground')
(Peel talks to a Swedish young man name Andreas who is unemployed and is looking for work)
(Peel talks to a Swedish soft porn actress)
(Peel talks to Malcolm Chapman, a Brit who is working as a waiter in Sweden, about life in the country)
(Euro Action trailer by Mark Radcliffe)
  • Unknown alternative rock record gets played, but Peel does not mention the name of the artist or track
(Peel visits a former prison on a Swedish island called Långholmen in Stockholm which is now a hostel)


  • 020A-H02179XXXXXX-0100A0[1].mp3
  • 2:00:54
  • Recordings at the British Library

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