• One World
  • 2005-10-10

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  • This was a 2 hour documentary broadcast on Radio 1 in the early hours of Monday 10 October 2005 in the One World slot, celebrating some of the shows Peel made from around the world - some of which have been shared here by Ken Garner in original broadcast form.
  • The tracklisting can be found in the archives of the Radio One website.[1] Note that this is incomplete, as - for example - it omits Schneider TM's "The Light 3000" from the Sonar Festival, broadcast 18 June 2003.
  • There are a couple of small edits for tape flips, but I managed to do these mid-song so as not to lose any Peel links.


  • The date given by Ken Garner for the John Peel In Russia show is 1988, but the commentary here says it was 1989.
  • Similarly, the previously available recording of Peel in Japan appears to be from a different show, Peel At The World Popular Song Festival In Japan, (broadcast 1986-11-02). Meanwhile, Where It's At, a section of which closes out the show here, is credited to 1984 in Berlin but appears to have been the final one of six programmes Peel made for Radio 3, broadcast from 1976-04-23. Peel mentions he saw the Sadistic Mika Band the previous year in concert supporting Roxy Music in London (the tour was in 1975, see Gigography 1970s).
  • Tracklisting below is based on the BBC online listing linked above, with extra details if available.


  • n/a


(from Eurosonic, Groningen, Netherlands, 08 January 2004)

(Eurovision Song Contest, 1989-05-10)[2]

(John Peel In Russia, 1988-03-12)

(Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain, One World, 2003)

(Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 18 June 2003)

(Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 17 June 2004)

(with Janice Long in Japan, 1987)

  • Pink: Scanner
  • Barbara: Can Can Can (EP - Barbarous Virginity)

(in Brussels, Belgium)

(in Austria)

(in Prague, with Misha Glenny taking about beer)

(Where It's At, credited here to Berlin, Germany, 1984, but probably April/May 1976)


  • John Peel Around the World.mp3
  • 1.57.58

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