• Glastonbury 1993
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1993-06

(Alan, message to Peel Mailing List)

  • Here it is then, a home-made compilation tape of broadcasts from Glastonbury 1993 (25 June 1993, 26 June 1993, 27 June 1993).
  • The programs were hosted by John and Andy Kershaw, and both are on great form and many of the links are pretty hilarious. Johnnie Walker also appears, mainly introducing the bands.
  • Apologies for the quality, which varies from poor to appalling (you might want to skip The Saw Doctors), and for some of the music choices. You may be able to spot where I've patched-in a couple of tracks from my own CD collection. These replace records played, not live performances.
  • Note: Side A was entirely in mono, so I left it thus; Side B was a mixture of mono and stereo, so I split out the mono bits, 'stereoised' them by copying one channel to the other one, and then re-assembled - hence the word 'remastered' in the file name.


Side A (Mono)

  1. N17
  2. Presentation Border
  3. That's What She Said Last Night
  4. I'd Love To Kiss The Bangles
  5. Hay Wrap
  6. I Hope We Meet Again
  • 32:35 John'n'Andy on the Velvet Underground
  • 35:08 Rolf Harris: Tie Me Kangaroo/Stairway To Heaven (live)
  • 41:52 Hothouse Flowers: Unknown (live)
  • 45:45 John'n'Andy on Velvet Underground bootlegs
  • 46:44 [end]

Side B (Remastered)

  • 00:00 New Bad Things: I Suck
  • 04:57 Jonathan Richman: Velvet Underground
  • 08:58 Christy Moore: Well Below The Valley-O
  • 15:22 JW interviews JP re Football/Frisbees/Sharon Shannon
  • 18:34 The Four Of Us: Car Crash At 80 MPH
  • 24:14 Tragically Hip - At the Hundredth Meridian
  • 28:43 John'n'Andy on attracting quite a crowd
  • 29:19 John'n'Andy on hearing voices
  • 30:25 John'n'Andy on drainage etc
  • 32:30 John'n'Andy on male organs of generation
  • 33:02 John'n'Andy on Sharon Shannon
  • 35:02 Sharon Shannon
  • 39:10 Van Morrison: St Dominic's Preview
  • 45:26 John'n'Andy working well as a team
  • 45:54 The Fall: Victoria
  • 48:48 John'n'Andy outro
  • 49:25 [end]


  • John'n'Andy-Glasto-1993-A-(mono).mp3
  • John'n'Andy-Glasto-1993-B-(remastered).mp3
  • 46.44
  • 49.25

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