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In addition to the gigs listed below, Peel was also the regular presenter of a BBC concert show until the end of the year (see 1971 Concert Shows for more details).

Unknown dates (1970 or 1971)

Manor House Ballroom, Ipswich: John Peel Roadshow[1] [1]

Talk Of The Town, London: Jackson 5 media showcase[2]

Unknown venue (Polytechnic in Hamstead): Loudon Wainwright III[3]

Nag's Head, Wollaston, Northants: Peel had regular Friday night gigs at the venue for around a year from spring 1970. [4]


1 Blisworth, Blissworth Hotel: Audience [2]


6 43 King Street, Covent Garden (The Old Middle Earth), "Oz Police Ball - A Gala Benefit For The Oz Obscenity Trial": "A star-studded all nighter starting at 8.30 with: Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come/Viv Stanshall's Seanhead Showband/Gene Vincent's Houseshakers/Pink Fairies/Egg/Third World War/Gnidrolog and John Peel holding it together." [3]

14 Roundhouse, London: Rolling Stones [4]

26 Locarno, Sunderland: Mott The Hoople, Medicine Head [5]

30 Portsmouth, Tricorn Club: Audience [6]


9 Roundhouse, BIT Benefit: Funkadelic, Little Free Rock, National Head Band, Good Habit, Zoo, Zoot Money [7]


1 (or 23 Aug. 1971) Talk Of The Town, London: Lovelace Watkins[5]

22-28 Glastonbury Fayre: Melanie, Quintessence, Edgar Broughton Band, Pink Fairies, Terry Reid with David Lyndley and Linda Lewis, Gong, David Bowie, Hawkwind, Arthur Brown, Brinsley Schwarz, Fairport Convention, Family, Traffic [8] [9] [6]



Edinburgh pop festival 1971

5 Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh: A weekend long Pop Festival, final night concert featuring Fairport Convention, Stealer's Wheel and a 'pop forum'. The forum consisted of John Peel, John Walters, Tony Palmer, Stuart Henry, Nik Cohn, Bruce Findlay

24 Royal Albert Hall: Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Charles Groves, pianist Radu Lupu. [7] Prom concert 02. [10] Programme:

  1. Sibelius: Symphony No. 6
  2. Grieg: Piano Concerto in A minor
  3. Bernard Naylor: Scenes & Prophecies
  4. Elgar: Enigma Variations


7 Hobbit's Garden, Wimbledon: Genesis, Roxy Music, Gravy Train [11][8]


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  2. Disc & Music Echo column from 1970 or 1971, exact date unknown, republished in Olivetti Chronicles (p. 197-200). A Guardian article by Richard Williams following the death of Michael Jackson confirms that Peel attended the event.
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  4. Margrave Of The Marshes, p. 198. The venue was run by Peel's long-time friend "Big Bob" Knight, who was also involved in the nearby Blisworth Hotel. A BBC Northampton documentary on the Nag's Head, including Peel's role, is available online.
  5. Peel wrote about the evening, which he attended with John Walters and their respective wives, in an Disc & Music Echo column republished in Olivetti Chronicles (hardback edition, p. 146-50) and dated 1970 or 1971. An online record of the venue's schedule suggests two possible dates in summer 1971.
  6. The BBC says this was Peel's first-ever Glastonbury, although the man himself was also known to claim he went with Marc Bolan to the first one in 1970.
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  8. Observer column, 1989-01-22, republished in The Olivetti Chronicles (hardback edition, p. 92). There may have been a venue of the same name in Leytonstone, and Peter Gabriel (singer with Genesis at the time) put the gig with Roxy Music attended by Peel as taking place there, during an interview with Mojo magazine (April 2010, p. 82). A reader's letter to the same magazine the following month, however, confirmed that the Genesis/Roxy gig took place at Hobbit's in Wimbledon.

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