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20 Middle Earth: Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band [1] [2] [3] [1]


3 Bletchley, unknown venue, unknown "dance" event [4]

23 Middle Earth at the Roundhouse, London: Country Joe and the Fish, Fairport Convention, Blossom Toes, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Nick Drake (Drake's first ever live performance - moved from the Covent Garden venue).[5]


9 Leeds University: Rave, Nice, Spencer Davis, Tony Rivers and the Castaways, The Chicken Shack, The Attack [6]


5/13 Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall: Tyrannosaurus Rex (Oak, Ash and Thorn. "Narrating Narrator John Peel") [7]

14 Frank Freeman's Dancing School, Kidderminster: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Doctor K's Blues Band, Junior Eyes


13 Middle Earth: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Junior's Eyes, Beowolf [8]

18 Southampton University (end of term dance): Captain Beefheart, Chicken Shack, Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers, Tyrannosaurus Rex [9] [2]

19 Frank Freeman's Dancing School, Kidderminster: Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band [10]

19 Middle Earth "Gandalf's Garden Benefit": Bill includes Tyrannosaurus Rex, David Bowie [11] - Peel was advertised but cancelled to attend the Beefheart gig above.[3]

24 Aston University, Birmingham: Liverpool Scene (IT 31 article on with gig listings for band)

26 Middle Earth, "Oz Magazine Benefit" Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, Social Deviants, Blonde On Blonde, Alexis Korner, Miss Kelly, The Flamingoes, Buddy Lloyd [4]

27 Portsmouth Guild Hall "Dance of Words" event, proceeds to Campaign for Advancement of Civil Liberties & Release: (poets), Pete Brown's Poetry Band, Adrian Henry, Adrian Mitchell, Brian Patten, Spike Hawkins; (music) Alexis Korner, Fairport Convention, Tyrannosaums Rex, The Exploding Galaxy, and JP [12]


3 Royal Festival Hall: Tyrannosaurus Rex and Roy Harper, with Stefan Grossman and David Bowie supporting ("Vibrations by John Peel") IT 31 back cover ad

3 Middle Earth: King Ida's Watch Chain, The Battered Ornaments [13]

15 Birmingham University: Tyrannosaurus Rex [14]

17 City Memorial Hall, Sheffield: Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Liverpool Scene [15] [16]

23 Mothers, Birmingham: Tyrannosaurus Rex [17] [18] – advertised, but club didn’t open until 9 Aug [36]

29 Hyde Park free concert: Pink Floyd, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Roy Harper, Jethro Tull [19] [20]


05 Railway Institute, York: Status Quo, Alexis Korner, Fairport Convention, Eclection [21]

17 Southport Pier: Traffic, Family, Spooky Tooth [22]

28 Swiss Cottage Odeon: Ustad Vilayat Khan [23]


9 Roundhouse, "A Freak Show" in aid of community charities: Family, Action, Deviants, Eclection [24]

11 8th National Blues Festival], Kempton Park Racecourse, Sunbury: Traffic, Spencer Davis, John Mayall, Fairport Convention, Chicken Shack, Jethro Tull, Dynaflow Blues, Tramline [25] [26] [27]

31 Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds: Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, "Guff" Putkowski [28] [29] - appears to clash with event below

31 to 1 Sept: Isle Of Wight festival, Godshill ("The complete festival will be compered by John Peel"): The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Jefferson Airplane, The Move, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Fairport Convention, Aynsley Dunbar, Retaliation, Pretty Things, Plastic Penny, Orange Bicycle, The Mirage, Blonde On Blonde [30] [31]


1 Isle Of Wight festival continues [32] [33] [34]

6-7 Roundhouse: Doors and Jefferson Airplane (JP not listed in ad but said to have compered this legendary event [5]) [35]

7-8 First National Blues Convention at Conway Hall: Alexis Korner, Champion Jack Dupree, Davy Graham, Dynaflow Blues, Stefan Grossman & others. Recitals by John Peel, Paul Oliver, Albert McCathy & others [36] [37]

15 Mothers, Birmingham: Tyrannosaurus Rex ("make it to Mothers!") [38]

28 Mothers, Birmingham: Keef Harley, East Of Eden [55]

29 Croydon, Fairfield Hall: Jethro Tull, Eclection, David Ackles, Alan Price Set, Spooky Tooth, Julie Driscoll & The Brian Auger Trinity [39]


5 Mothers, Birmingham: Eclection, Ron Gessin [57]

6 Frank Freeman's Dancing School, Kidderminster: Tea & Symphony, Jo-Ann Kelly (see venue page for details)

18 Lanchester College of Technology, Coventry: Savoy Brown, Alexis Korner, Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments, Jo-Ann Kelly (IT 41, p.20)

20 Frank Freeman's Dancing School, Kidderminster: Eclection (see venue page for details)

22 Lanchester College, Coventry: Blues with Savoy Brown, Alexis Korner, Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments, John Peel, Jo-Ann Kelly [40] – check against previous listings


2 London School of Economics: Chicken Shack, Blonde on Blonde, John Peel, Occasional Word Ensemble [41] [42]

3 Mothers, Birmingham: Joe Cocker [43] - note, clashes with well-documented date below

3 Boat Club, Nottingham: Bakerloo Blues Line [44]

5 Royal Albert Hall: Pentangle [45]

8 Guildford, Civic Hall: Fairport Convention, Roy Harper, Barclay James Harvest, Bridget St. John, Third Ear Band, Ron Geesin, Tim Hollier, compere John Peel (benefit concert for The Whole, Guildford Arts Lab.)

17 Mothers, Birmingham: Family [62]

23 Middle Earth presents at the Roundhouse: Juniors Eyes, Writing On The Wall, Arcadium, The Gun, Auriel, Sleepy [46]

24 Mothers, Birmingham: Jethro Tull [47]

26 Royal Albert Hall: Cream (farewell concert) (see artist page)


14 Middle Earth presents at the Roundhouse: Principal Edward's Magic Theatre, Uriel, sitar master Pandit Trika, Third Ear Band, Radha Krishna Temple [48] [49]

15 Mothers, Birmingham: The Nice [50]

15 All Saints Hall, Powis Gardens, London: "Brave New Departures Revisited", John Peel compering mixed-media event with Alexis Korner, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Ron Geesin, Mike Horovitz, Pete Brown, Bruce Lacey, Third Ear Band, Brian Patten, Cornelius Cardew, Richard Neville & others - all-day event, so may not have clashed with date above.

19 Country Club, Haverstock Hill, London "John Peel plus poets, groups, singers" [51]

22 Mothers, Birmingham: Ten Years After [52] [53]

24 Mothers, Birmingham: Family, Action [54]

26 Mothers, Birmingham: Chicken Shack, Tea & Symphony [55] - not listed in "Mothers, Home Of Good Sounds, 1968-1971 (Kevin Duffy)

27 Middle Earth: Special Christmas show with John Peel [56]

28 Middle Earth: Special Christmas show with John Peel [57]

31 Mothers, Birmingham: Jethro Tull, Savoy Brown, Bakerloo Blues Line [58]


  1. Peel introduced Beefheart at his historic first UK gig: I started to introduce them at Middle Earth but was so overcome with emotion that I started crying, so I had to abandon my announcement half-way through. I said, "I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to say these words to you." (Quoted in "Captain Beefheart", Mike Barnes, p51, from the author's interview with Peel.) Beefheart also played the Speakeasy the following night, Jan. 21, before returning to Europe. This was presumably also attended by Peel, who commented on the Top Gear of 04 February 1968 that the band had not been welcomed by the "trendies" - a reference to the Speakeasy audience, who saw themselves as the London music business's fashionable in-crowd. Peel famously acted as guide and chauffeur when the band returned to England for further dates.
  2. Barnes, p. 61
  3. The report on the event in the magazine itself (issue 2, pg 10) thanks the performers and "Also to Dee-Jay PAT BEE who stepped in to save the day when we discovered that JOHN PEEL had been suddenly called away on tour." Many thanks to Colin Ellis for this information.
  4. Glenn Povey, Echoes: The Complete History Of Pink Floyd, p. 1959, accessed via Google Books
  5. Clive Selwood, All The Moves (But None Of The Kicks) p. 85

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