Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant
were a British progressive rock band active between 1970 and 1980. The band was known for the extreme complexity and sophistication of its music and for the varied musical skills of its members. All of the band members, except Malcolm Mortimore, were multi-instrumentalists. Although not commercially successful, they did achieve a cult following. (Read more at Wikipedia )

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The band, much like Peel favorites Van Der Graaf Generator and King Crimson, had a different approach than the typical 'mainstream progressive rock band' that John was known to dislike, so he grew quite fond of them between the early and mid 70s. Lead singer Derek Shulman's use of the voice is quite similar to Family's Roger Chapman, another band which John admired. 

Gentle Giant broke up in 1980 without ever reforming so, between this and the fact that Peel was much more interested in punk in the late 70s, they were not featured again in his programs.


Seven sessions. Sessions #5, #6 and #7 available on "Out Of The Woods - The BBC Sessions" (Band Of Joy, 1996) and its expanded edition "Totally Out of The Woods" (Hux Records, 2000), #7 also avialable on John Peel Session (16th Sept 1975)

1. Recorded: 1971-12-12. First broadcast: 07 January 1972. Repeat: 04 February 1972.

  • Alucard / Plain Truth / Giant / Funny Ways

2. Recorded: 1972-06-13. First broadcast: 14 July 1972. Repeat: 25 August 1972.

  • Mr Class And Quality / Prologue / Schooldays

3. Recorded: 1972-08-08. First broadcast: 05 September 1972. Repeat: 02 November 1972.

  • Plain Truth / The Advent Of Panurge / Funny Ways

4. Recorded: 1972-12-11. First broadcast: 14 December 1972.

  • Prologue / The Advent Of Panurge / Cry For Everyone

5. Recorded: 1973-12-04. First broadcast: 08 January 1974.

  • Excerpts From Octopus / Way Of Life

6. Recorded: 1974-12-17. First broadcast: 17 December 1974. Repeat: 10 March 1975.

  • Proclamation / Experience / Aspirations / Cogs In Cogs

7. Recorded: 1975-09-16. First broadcast: 13 October 1975. Repeat: 09 December 1975.

  • Just The Same / Free Hand / On Reflection

"Funny Ways" from session #1 was scheduled to be broadcast on the 04 February 1972 repeat but, apparently, it was not so this particular track may have been left unaired.

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