Peel's only acting appearance in a film was a 57-word cameo performance in this 1999 British movie, which also starred Max Beesley and Ray Winstone, playing a "grumpy old man" who spends his time cataloguing records.

The plot: "A young musician travels to London in pursuit of his dreams, but winds up the sole witness to a bizarre murder."[1]

Peel on Five Seconds To Spare

  • 27 December 2000: Peel mentions that Herman Düne's recent visit to Peel Acres coincided with everyone watching John's appearance in Five Seconds To Spare, from which JP regrets that his favourite line, "Phone call for you, Dave. It's the boss", had been cut.
  • 01 August 2002: Peel laments that the film was not given a theatrical release, nor did it make it to video. He claims that this would not have been the case had he been called John Lee Peel.


John Peel in Five Seconds To Spare 199901:55

John Peel in Five Seconds To Spare 1999

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