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In 1990, Peel recorded a series of eight shows for broadcast while he was on holiday in the first two weeks of August, each featuring a vintage session from The Fall and records from a similar timeframe. At the start of the first programme he explained the thinking behind the series:

"A few weeks ago, someone writing in the NME said that these programs were the same in 1990 as they had been in 1980. I thought 'He's right you know' and decided to play you lots of records from 1980, 81, along with a classic session from The Fall. Hence the awful 'Fall In August' title."


(All sessions by the Fall, numbered as per full listing on Fall: Sessions)

Show Show Date Session
1 06 August 1990 #3
2 07 August 1990 #4
3 08 August 1990 #5
4 09 August 1990 #6
5 13 August 1990 #7
6 14 August 1990 #8
7 15 August 1990 #9
8 16 August 1990 #10

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