Track Record And Criteria

  • This list contains all of the Fall's songs that made the Festive Fifty chart, in the order in which they appeared. The band tallied 92 separate entries with 85 tracks, two of which made number 1, a record approached only by the Wedding Present. Their most successful year was 1993, with no less than 10 entries, or 20% of the entire chart, six of these coming from the same LP, Shift-Work. The only years they did not appear are 1976-8 (surprisingly, none of their music made the All-Time chart of 1982). Since Peel's demise, they have continued to place in Festive Fifties organised by others, including three entries in the 2005 Festive Fifty and four entries in the 2008 Festive Fifty including a number one in that year.
  • Where JP cited the original source played, this has also been included. Where he did not, an educated guess has been made based on the recorded version available at the time of the broadcast. In some cases, the track concerned was also issued as a single: if this was also available on LP or CD at the time, the latter is listed, prefaced by the words 'presumably from', since in all known instances they are identical to the single versions. This is also true of 12 inch releases. Note also that no Peel Session recording prior to 1983 has been included, since Peel stated that this was the first year any session recording had been voted for in sufficient numbers to make the chart.

Chronological List Of Entries

Tracks 1-10

Tracks 11-20

  • 'No Bulbs (presumably from LP-The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall)' (Beggars Banquet). 1984 Festive Fifty #44.
  • 'c.r.e.e.p. (presumably from LP-The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall)' (Beggars Banquet). 1984 Festive Fifty #18.
  • 'Lay Of The Land (LP-The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall)' (Beggars Banquet). 1984 Festive Fifty #9.
  • 'L.A. (LP-This Nation's Saving Grace)' (Beggars Banquet). 1985 Festive Fifty #42.
  • 'Couldn't Get Ahead (presumably from LP-This Nation's Saving Grace)' (Beggar's Banquet). 1985 Festive Fifty #39.
  • 'Gut Of The Quantifier (LP-This Nation's Saving Grace)' (Beggars Banquet). 1985 Festive Fifty #33.
  • 'Spoilt Victorian Child (LP-This Nation's Saving Grace)' (Beggars Banquet). 1985 Festive Fifty #23.
  • 'Cruiser's Creek' (Peel Session). 1985 Festive Fifty #3.
  • 'Dktr. Faustus (LP-Bend Sinister)' (Beggars Banquet). 1986 Festive Fifty #48.
  • 'Lucifer Over Lancashire (7"-B side of Mr. Pharmacist)' (Beggars Banquet). 1986 Festive Fifty #37.

Tracks 21-30

Tracks 31-40

Tracks 41-50

  • 'So What About It? (LP-Shift-Work)' (Fontana). FF 1991 #43.
  • 'The Mixer (LP-Shift-Work)' (Fontana). FF 1991 #41.
  • 'The War Against Intelligence (LP-Shift-Work)' (Fontana). FF 1991 #35.
  • 'High Tension Line (LP-Shift-Work)' (Fontana). FF 1991 #24.
  • 'A Lot Of Wind (LP-Shift-Work)' (Fontana). FF 1991 #9.
  • 'Edinburgh Man (LP-Shift-Work)' (Fontana). FF 1991 #4.
  • 'Birmingham School Of Business School (LP-Code:Selfish)' (Fontana). FF 1992 #50.
  • 'Kimble (Peel Session)'. FF 1992 #34.
  • 'Ed's Babe (12 inch)' (Fontana). FF 1992 #12.
  • 'Free Range (7 inch)' (Fontana). FF 1992 #6.

Tracks 51-60

  • 'Legend Of Xanadu (Triple CD Compilation-Ruby Trax)' (Forty). FF 1992 #5.
  • 'War (Compilation CD-Volume 8)' (World's End). FF 1993 #50.
  • 'It's A Curse (LP-The Infotainment Scan)' (Permanent). FF 1993 #48.
  • 'Behind The Counter (12 inch)' (Permanent). FF 1993 #43.
  • 'A Past Gone Mad (LP-The Infotainment Scan)' (Permanent). FF 1993 #41.
  • 'Ladybird (Green Grass)' (Peel Session). FF 1993 #29.
  • 'Service (LP-The Infotainment Scan)' (Permanent). FF 1993 #26.
  • 'I'm Going To Spain (LP-The Infotainment Span)' (Permanent). FF 1993 #22.
  • 'Glam-Racket (Mark Goodier Session). FF 1993 #20.
  • 'Lost In Music (LP-The Infotainment Scan)' (Permanent). FF 1993 #19.

Tracks 61-70

  • 'Why Are People Grudgeful? (7 inch)' (Permanent). FF 1993 #11.
  • 'M5' (Peel Session). FF 1994 #41. [4]
  • 'City Dweller (LP-Middle Class Revolt)' (Permanent). FF 1994 #38.
  • 'Hey Student!' (Peel Session). FF 1994 #2.
  • 'The Joke (LP-Cerebral Caustic)' (Permanent). FF 1995 #49.
  • 'Bonkers In Phoenix (LP-Cerebral Caustic)' (Permanent). FF 1995 #30.
  • 'Don't Call Me Darling (LP-Cerebral Caustic)' (Permanent). FF 1995 #24.
  • 'Feeling Numb' (Peel Session). FF 1995 #7. [5]
  • 'Hostile (LP-The Light User Syndrome)' (Jet). FF 1996 #16.
  • 'The Chisellers (7 inch)' (Jet). FF 1996 #13.

Tracks 71-80

  • 'Cheetham Hill (LP-The Light User Syndrome)' (Jet). FF 1996 #6.
  • 'I'm A Mummy (LP-Levitate)' (Artful). FF 1997 #17.
  • 'Inch (10" - one off pressing presented to John Peel by NME)' FF 1997 #7. [6]
  • 'Shake Off' (Peel Session). FF 1998 #49.
  • 'F-'Oldin' Money (presumably from LP-The Marshall Suite)' (Artful). FF 1999 #7.
  • 'Touch Sensitive (LP-The Marshall Suite)' (Artful). FF 1999 #4.
  • 'The Classical (LP-Hex Enduction Hour)' (Kamera). All-Time FF 2000 #38. [7]
  • 'WB (LP-The Unutterable)' (Eagle). FF 2000 #43.
  • 'Two Librans (LP-The Unutterable)' (Eagle). FF 2000 #23.
  • 'Dr. Buck's Letter (LP-The Unutterable)' (Eagle). FF 2000 #3.

Tracks 81-85

  • 'I Wake Up In The City (7 inch-Rude (All The Time))' (Flitwick). FF 2001 #30.
  • 'Susan vs Youthclub (CD Single)' (Action). FF 2002 #22.
  • 'Green Eyed Loco Man (LP-The New Fall LP Formerly 'Country On The Click')' (Action). FF 2003 #26.
  • 'Theme From Sparta F.C. (LP-The New Fall LP Formerly 'Country On The Click')' (Action). FF 2003 #2.
  • 'Theme From Sparta F.C. #2 (CD Single)' (Action). FF 2004 #1.

Post Peel

  1. Peel comments that this version received more votes than the studio recording on Perverted By Language, so it was the one played.
  2. Not announced as session recording: version deduced from timing and comment by JP in The Observer stating that there were 'but three entries, two derived from a BBC Session'.
  3. Edited by JP to exclude the opening segued track 'Dog Is Life'.
  4. Not announced as such by JP: version deduced by timing.
  5. As John states, when this session version was recorded, it was known as 'Numb At The Lodge'.
  6. Released in 1999 as "Inch featuring Mark E. Smith" on Regal Recordings.
  7. Originally issued in 1982.
  8. This had already featured in their final Peel Session.

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