Career Outline

The Exiles were formed in Bury St Edmunds in late 2001, and disbanded after 2 and a half years of fruitless gigging in May 2004. The band consisted of Ben Miles (guitar and vocals), Adam Moss (guitar), Matt Dupuy (bass) and Bob Halliwell (drums). In spite of getting some attention after their first Peel Session alongside fellow Bury St Edmunds band The Dawn Parade in March 2003, and subsequently recording an EP in July of that year, The Exiles never made an official release.


The Exiles playing their live Peel session at BBC Maida Vale Studio 4. Band members pictured are (from l to r) Adam Moss (Guitar), Ben Miles (Guitar/Vocals) and Matt Dupuy (Bass). Bob Halliwell is just out of shot to the right and John Peel is also just out of shot behind the window in the bottom-right corner. Also notable is the crowd on the balcony, which included all of fellow Bury-ites The Dawn Parade, who played their live session later in the evening, all of Cambridge band Donderevo, who were frequent gig-sharers with The Exiles and who Bob got played by Peely for the first time on the show before the session, and various other Bury faces and Peel competition winners. On the left of the shot are Jeremy Jones and Claire Pruden, who were acting as guitar techs for the two bands for the evening and whom both later became members of The Dawn Parade.


The Exiles with John Peel after the 05-03-2003 live session. (L to r) Ben Miles, Bob Halliwell, John Peel, Matt Dupuy, Adam Moss.

The band took their name from Bob's favourite album, 'Exile On Main Street' by The Rolling Stones. Prior to them playing their live session in March 2003, Peel suggested that having 'Exile...' as a favourite album was. 'Forgivable...just.' When Ben Miles replied that it wasn't forgivable Peel admitted that as it was the band's 'first time here, I was just being generous'. While the band never achieved success or notoriety, Peel obviously particularly enjoyed that evening as it is mentioned by Sheila in Margrave of the Marshes.[1]

The Exiles were invited back for a second session after they sent John a copy of their new EP, recorded in July 2003. John played the Exiles tracks 'Fer-de-lance' and 'The Not Gate' from that EP on his show in July 2003, and their second session was broadcast on 26 August 2003.

Festive Fifty Entries



Two sessions, one performed live at Maida Vale 4

  1. Response
  2. Electric
  3. The Not Gate
  4. Black Mark
  5. Fer-de-lance
  6. Come Too Without You
  7. Last Word
  1. I Can't Breathe
  2. Serotonin Burnout
  3. How To Lose Friends
  4. Building

Other Shows Played


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