Dzap Dau Dau

Dzap Dau Dau (拾豆豆) (translated as Pick Up The Beans) are an all female Chinese band from Hong Kong, China, influenced by Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney. The group consists of Meg Fung Kit-man, on guitars and vocals, her sister Fung Po-man, on bass, and childhood friend Myth Li Shuk-yee, on drums and vocals. They've been playing in this incarnation since early 2000, after the original 1996 lineup, under the name M2R, split. Li and Meg Fung were left standing and enlisted Po Fung to cement the trio. There hasn't been much information since the mid 00's whether the band are still together or not.

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Peel played a track from the band on his 04 October 2001 show and thought they were from Singapore, but after the song, corrected his mistake by stating they were from Hong Kong. Also Peel noticed that the cover of the band's EP, Pick Up The Beans, was almost identical to Rechenzentrum's The John Peel Session LP, which featured a Chinese animation.

Shows Played

John Peel's Dzap Dau Dau Chinese Record02:49

John Peel's Dzap Dau Dau Chinese Record


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