• Douze Points
  • 1989-05-10


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(Excerpt of Sandie Shaw's interview after winning the Eurovision Song Contest)
(Sandie Shaw interview about the Eurovision song contest)
(Cliff Richard talks about his experience in the Eurovision song Contest)
(Peel continues narrating about the Eurovision Song Contest)
(Peel interviews last year's British entrant Scott Fitzgerald about his Eurovision song contest experience)
(Peel continues interviewing Scott Fitzgerald)
(Peel talks to Ray, singer of Live Report about the competition and then speaks to Lulu about the entrants.)
  • Lulu: Boom Bang-A-Bang
(Terry Wogan reveals the British entrant for the 1989 Eurovision Song contest)
  • Live Report: Why Do I Always Get It Wrong? (short snippet)
(Peel continues interviewing Live Report)
(Gary Davies speaks about the British entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest)
(Peel continues talking to Ray and mentions he likes the Luxembourg song entry)
(Peel talks about the Irish entrant)
(Peel interviews Kiev Connolly)
(Peel interviews Justine Pelmelay, the Dutch entry)
(Peel continues interviewing Ray)
(Peel interviews Anneli Saaristo, the Finnish entry)
(Peel interviews Alistair Lyle, the only member of the British press)
(Peel continues interviewing Ray)
(Peel speaks to David Hutchinson of the Eurovision Fanclub)
(Peel interviews Maggie from Park Cafe and mentions that if he was a betting man, he would bet on the Spanish entry as the winning outsider)
  • Nina: Nacida Para Amar (Spanish entry)
(Peel interviews Ann from Belgian TV)
(Peel continues interviews Alistair Lyle)
(Peel continues speaking to Ray)
(Peel mentions the result and is sad that Live Report did not win)
  • Riva: Rock Me (Yugoslavian entry and Eurovision winner)
(Peel interviews Ray and says that the winning entry is a bad song and wouldn't have minded if France or Spain won, as they had good songs)


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