Deutsch Amerikanishe Freundschaft (or D.A.F.) were a post-punk group from Düsseldorf, Germany, who were also part of the "neue deutsche Welle" (new German wave) movement developing from around 1979. D.A.F. was originally formed as a five-member operation, with a guitarist, bassist and drummer, gradually reducing to a duo of core members Robert Görl (synthesizers, drums, percussion) and Gabi Delgado (vocals). After an initial German release they moved to London in 1980 and released their Die Kleinen und die Bösen album on Daniel Miller's Mute label, establishing their unique electronic and percussion based sound. They later moved to Virgin and released three albums Alles is Gut, Gold und Liebe and Für immer, all produced by former Krautrock pioneer Conny Plank. Both Delgado and Görl pursued solo careers after they split during the recording of Für immer, although have since re-formed twice.

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After giving D.A.F. their British debut with their only session, aired on 06 December 1979, Peel was quick to pick up on their single and album releases the following year on the Mute label. He also played selections from their Virgin albums and continued to feature D.A.F. songs over the years. He seemed to relish pronouncing the group's name, usually adopting a thick Liverpudlian accent when doing so.

Peel played both Görl and Delgado's debut solo singles on Mute, often consecutively, although on 20 March 1983 (BFBS) he commented that Görl "comes off slightly better" with 'Mit Dir'. When their hardcore electronic sound was back in fashion in the early nineties Peel revived D.A.F.'s early material and is said to have called them "the grandfathers of techno". Peel also picked up on their 2003 album Fünfzehn Neue DAF Lieder released when the duo reformed.

Siouxsie Sioux played their single "Der Mussolini" during her stand-in show on 20 October 2004.


DEUTSCH AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT session John Peel 6th December 1979

DEUTSCH AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT session John Peel 6th December 1979

One session only. Unknown recording date but Peel announces on its first broadcast that it was recorded at Cargo Studios in Rochdale. No known release.

1. First broadcast 06 December 1979. Repeated 19 August 1980.

  • Was ist eine Welle? / Ich und die Wirklichkeit / Violence / Kebabträume

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Gabi Delgado


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