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Dead Famous People are a female New Zealand indie pop band formed in Auckland, active from the latter half of the 1980s onward. The band formed in 1986 and comprised Donna Savage (vocals), Elizabeth (Biddy) Leyland (keyboards and vocals), Wendy Kjestrup (guitar and vocals), Jenny Renals (bass guitar) and Robyn Tearle (drums). After a couple of releases in New Zealand, including an EP on Flying Nun Records, giving them some success in their homeland, they relocated to London, where they signed for Billy Bragg's Utility Records label, with Gill Moon replacing Tearle. Utility issued the band's Arriving Late in Torn and Filthy Jeans mini-LP in 1989, and it became the label's biggest-selling release. The band split up in mid-1990. Savage continues with the Dead Famous People name, with various collaborators, and another album, Secret Girls Business, was issued in 2002, featuring six previously unreleased tracks.... (From Wikipedia)

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Dead Famous People received regular airplay from Peel (although scant confirmation of this is currently available) and recorded a session for him in 1989, which has never been made available commercially but can be heard on YouTube [1], [2], [3].

Festive Fifty Entries

  • None
    Dead Famous People - Barlow's House

    Dead Famous People - Barlow's House


  • One session, unavailable commercially. It featured only three tracks as opposed to the customary four.

1. Recorded: 1989-06-11. First broadcast: 05 July 1989. Repeated: 10 August 1989

  • Postcard From Paradise / How To Be Kind / Go Home Stay Home

Other Shows Played

  • 10 July 1989: 'Barlow's House (LP-Arriving Late In Torn And Filthy Jeans)' (Utility)
  • 15 September 1991: 'With Wings We'll Soar The Heavens (LP-All Hail The Daffodil)' (La-Di-Da)

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